Carly Pearce Is The Next Girl To Be A Member of the Grand Ole Opry!

Carly Pearce Is The Next Girl To Be A Member of the Grand Ole Opry!

Oh, that Opry and their sneaky ways to invite people to be members.

Carly Pearce has made no secret of her love of the Grand Ole Opry “It’s been the greatest love of my life since I was a young girl listening with my grandparents. All of the greatest writers, legends and pioneers have been on that stage, and I feel them in my bones anytime I walk in the stage door.”

Carly says one of her favorite places to be in the world is on stage at the Opry House performing for fans.

So, now after 80-plus performances as a guest on the Grand Ole Opry, Carly now will be performing as a member.

Thinking she was filming some promotional videos for Dollywood, Carly was surprised when Dolly Parton herself entered and extended the invite…

Watch it unfold here…

Headline Photo Credit: Alexa Campbell

Additional Photo Credit: Chris Hollo

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